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Eunkyung Jeong (Seoul | Amsterdam)

08.11. 16:00 – 19:00

09.11. 16:00 – 20:00


free entrance

Admission every 30 minutes | 12 people at a time

In English

Using around 70 drawings and a video installation, Eunkyung Jeong gets to the bottom of her life story and the history of her family. The artist sees her biography as symptomatic – of the possibilities of individual development open to Korean women in a society influenced by Confucianism. Although this is no longer South Korea’s official state philosophy and it is barely practised anymore in accordance with the old tradition, Confucian ways of thinking are deeply rooted in everyday life. They secure the patriarchal character of society and ensure that it is primarily men who benefit from the gigantic economic growth of the country. Using the story of her mother and her name, Eunkyung Jeong explores the possibilities of identity formation and positions herself in relation to stereotypical roles. Equipped with torches, the audience members enter her installation. As they view the drawings and the three videos, which run on a continuous loop, they become witnesses to how the artist feels her way through her aspirations in order to arrive at a self-determined identity.

#Interactive Installation  #Generations in Exchange  #Feminism  #Politics and History 

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Concept | Text | Video | Drawing Eunkyung Jeong Sound | Music Jaha Koo 


Eunkyung Jeong is a South Korean visual artist, writer and scenographer based in Brussels. Her principal interests are conceptual drawing and writing practices, using literary strategies and time-based media installation. Jeong majored in visual arts (BFA) at Korea National University of Arts and finished her master studies at ZHdK (MFA) in Zurich, Switzerland. Recently she has completed her artistic research on the idea of time within diverse forms of existence as the stone and the self in A.pass (Advanced performance and scenography studies) in Brussels, Belgium

Production and realization

Co-production Officeneinoffice (Amsterdam) With the support of a.pass advanced performance and scenography studies (Brussels)