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Night program


Nástio Mosquito (Luanda | Ghent | Lisbon)

26.10. 23:30

27.10. 23:00

28.10. 22:00

26.10. Boxkeller MTV | 27.10. Festivalzentrum | 28.10. Harry Klein Club

free entrance

Wheelchair accessibility on Oct 27th, no wheelchair accessibility on the other dates.

In English


Yes, that has been my attitude towards this extra-social activity for the past 25 years of my life. Now…
I have no band.
I have no shame.
I have no interactive skills. I do not give a fuck about applause. Just love…
I have something to share.
I have songs, and with them I have the best karaoke session in the world.
Well… I would, if it was an actual karaoke session, and I actually knew the lyrics of the songs.





#Performance  #Solidarity  #Engagement  #Music 

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A Nástio Mosquito Recipe Visuals Diogo Vasconcelos, Vic Pereir Music |Performance Nástio Mosquito Brass Arrangements João Cabrita Remix | Mix | Mastering Seiji Production Seiji, Kennedy Ribeiro, André Pinheiro, ExPatriots Graphic Design Hadewych Becuwe Project Coordination Godelieve Mosquito for ZZZZZ Creative Projects Copyright Nástio Mosquito


Nástio Mosquito (*1981 in Angola) is interested in the political potential of our dreams and visions. Based on the questions "Who or what has power over us?" and "Who or what is really important to us?", he develops the project series NO.ONE.GIVES.A.MOSQUITO'S.ASS.ABOUT.US, which he understands as a universe that bridges the gap between ideals and the beauty of everyday life. By making excessive use of the means of pop culture, he reveals that superficiality is as profound as seriousness, and both equally help to feel alive. His artistic roots lie in television, where he worked as a director and cameraman, but his artistic practice also includes video and music, performance and installation. In Munich, Nástio Mosquito collects interviews for the project part NO.ONE.GIVES.A.MOSQUITO'S.ASS.ABOUT.EMBRACE, which will be shown at SPIELART 2021.

Production and realization

Realization in cooperation with Harry Klein and MTV München