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Night program


31.10. 23:55 – 3:00

01.11. 22:00 – 3:00

02.11. 22:00 – 3:00


free entrance

If you like to spend your time doing challenging things like puzzles or bingo, then SOLICASINO is the place for you! Because nowhere combines the enjoyable (games, fun, pastimes) and the beneficial (donations to Seawatch) as playfully as SOLICASINO.

The Hamburg-based Migrantpolitan actors will be joined by numerous old friends, coming together once again in solidarity: the fearless Boy Division Ensemble will, as ever, be showcasing the best of its work; the magician Manuel Muerte will be in action (as long as he doesn’t have any paid engagements that day), as will the Pokerqueen of Hearts, lovely Riikka and the Uschi Gellers. And make sure you don’t miss Danny Banany with his “riennnn ne vas plussssss”!

With any luck, there’ll also be another tombola where everyone’s a winner. And there’ll be plenty more aces up plenty more sleeves, waiting to see if your money is burning a hole in your pocket. So, as ever, it will all be worth it, and don’t forget: if you lose, the others always win!